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With the recent defeat of chess master Gary Kasparov at the hands of the computer Deep Blue, it seems that computers are encroaching ever faster into turf once regarded as exclusively human. Computers are beating us at our own game both at home and on the job. Machines already spell better than we do, and they don't take as much time off from work. Computers that talk are, as a rule, far more polite than your average Burger King employee. Now they even beat us at chess. What's next?

Well, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the boys of HNN have added more fuel to the fire. We here at the HNN Center for Advanced Trans-Conscious Cognitive Computing and Small Engine Repair (or CATCCCSE for short) have done the ultimate. We now have a machine that does something more demanding than playing chess and even more human than lying about your age. Our computer, code named Deep Dharma, actually writes it's own stream-of-consciousness, totally incomprehensible, and thoroughly pretentious beatnik poetry. That's right! And you thought only goateed college kids and pop lyricists could write really bad poetry.

To check out some of Deep Dharma's work, click here. If you want to see more, just click on the poem and it'll change right before you eyes as Deep Dharma composes more beatnik poetry on command. No mind-altering drugs. No espresso. No jazz music. Just 100% inspiration.